Hi, I'm


Here is superchlorine being awesome!

*Also known as Caroline Liu in that place called "Reality", wherever that is.

I build responsive websites that look good on every device and are easy to use

I live and breathe CSS, HTML, JavaScript, WordPress, and UX design

I do creative branding that reflects who you are and what you do

Making these memorable brands is a memorable experience in itself!

I design posters and make your documents and presentations look good

I'm good with Adobe InDesign, OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, and LaTeX

I draw fun graphics and use illustration to make the complicated simpler to understand

My tools of the trade are Inkscape, GIMP, and ancient tools called "pencil" and "paper" (I'm sure you still have some impression of what those are!)

I write well-documented and structured programs

I code in Python, Java, and C; manage information using SQL, XML, and XQuery; and spend my time in Unix and Windows environments

And I also study linguistics

It's fun to learn about language! But anyway...

Do you need help with any (or all!) of those things?
If so, let's work together!

Send me an email at hello@superchlorine.com!