[Update] Stanford’s free AI course

Three weeks ago, I posted about the free Artificial Intelligence online course that Stanford is giving this fall. Well, the official enrollment has been up for a while now, and despite my better judgement, I’ve enrolled in the course.

Cue unavoidable insanity come this October.

Interestingly enough, Stanford is offering the course in two different streams:

The basic track, in which you watch lectures and answer basic quizzes. This is not the full course. But you will still learn all the basics of AI.

The advanced track – is the full class, which aspires to be of Stanford difficulty. You do homework assignments and take exams.

I really wanted to enroll in the advanced track, but I’m not crazy enough right now to not see my already-cramped schedule. Even though the basic track comprises of just lectures and quizzes, I’m still a bit uncertain about whether my decision to take this course was wise. Maybe my wisdom teeth are siphoning my wisdom from me.

More free courses from Stanford?!


YEAH! I was astounded to see that Stanford is also offering their Machine Learning (CS229) and Introduction to Databases (CS145) courses online for free this fall too! Like the AI class, they also run from mid-October to mid-December and will be taught via online videos and quizzes. Enrollment for either one of these courses hasn’t started yet, but you can sign up for their mailing list.

Stanford is really making life difficult for me right now. They’re testing my willpower. Machine Learning, I don’t care too much for, but what I would do to learn a bit more about databases! The upside is, Professor Jennifer Widom, who is teaching the Database class, has already uploaded slides and code samples for the course, so I might peruse those in the next couple of weeks before school officially starts for me.

  • Crazylowercaseperson

    Man, I hate the line “Please wait…”

    Anyways, seriously MOAR classes? Well…I’m actualy kind of tempted by the Machine learning class but databases? What are they about? Please do feel free to email a long email about how could I not know anything about databases, what did I live the my life under a rock or something?

    Hm, holding these types of conversations with myself…healthy or not healthy?

    Anyways, feel free to go on about databases. I do like to be the one not talking for a change, although since I go on tangents a lot, that rarely happens. We have so much to talk about tomorrow! All these new and shiny things on your blog for one!