Wisdom Teeth Personalities (aka all the ways wisdom teeth can grow in)

Wisdom teeth personalities

Wisdom Teeth Personalities (aka all the different ways wisdom teeth can grow in) Erupted (aka the Guy/Girl Next Door). Your wisdom tooth grew out perfectly. Your other teeth are glad it's around to help out with the chewing, and you won't need a surgery to remove it! Partial eruption/impaction (aka the Clutz). Your wisdom tooth was doing just fine, until it got distracted by a particularly cute piece of plaque* and ran into the adjacent tooth. Now it can't move, and there's a flap of gum tissue over it, under which everything you eat stays for a few weeks to decay. (*Just a joke. Plaque doesn't affect how your wisdom teeth grow out.) Vertical impaction (aka Grandpa). Wise enough to grow in vertically, but due to bad eyesight, he came a bit too close and got himself stuck beside your other molar. Horizontal impaction (aka the Slacker). Your wisdom tooth is so lazy that it laid down. Sadly for you, its laziness causes pain to the molar beside it, so you'll be needing an extraction soon. Mesial impaction (aka the Clinger). Your wisdom tooth grows in at an angle towards your other teeth. Its crush on the adjacent molar is going to cost you some pain, however. Distal impaction (aka the Adventurer). Your wisdom tooth is heading for the back of your mouth. Is it out to get you, or is it just curious? Well, at least it's not hurting all your other teeth. Also, for all types of impaction (including partial), they can be one of two types: Bony impactions, in which your tooth is a good hide and seek player and thus is completely hidden in your jawbone. Your oral surgeon won't be pleased with it, which means it wins. or... Soft tissue impactions, in which your tooth has gotten tired of hiding in your jawbone and thus has emerged into your gums a bit. Note that it hasn't erupted yet (you can't see it in the mirror), and it's still mostly in your jawbone. Conclusion? Your oral surgeon will still hate it.

Making this was actually quite fun. I enjoyed giving them all characters, and this will probably be the one of the few times I’ll see teeth as cute. I have horizontally impacted wisdom teeth, and the irony is that they’re far from the lazy bits of bone I depicted. I only began to feel their existence last Thursday or Friday, and it wasn’t even remotely painful then. Now, less than a week later, my wisdom teeth are sending me intermittent stretches of distracting achy sensations that I expect will escalate into full-blown please-kill-me-now kind of pain within this month.

I can’t believe my appointment to rip them out of my mouth is probably going to be in late September. I want to evict my wisdom teeth now. If only it was as easy as handing them a piece of written legalese to do so.


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  • Jingwei Chen


    Ahem, have just realized that that may have been interpreted as maniac’s laugh. Rest assured, it was not. XD

    Anyways, love this – I think if you send this to dentists, their suicide rate would dramatically decrease. Like, /dramatically/.

    Aw, late September? The surgery can’t be any earlier? Definitely opt for the full anesthesia (can’t spell), if you can, because it makes the experience totally stress-free. I actually kind of enjoyed losing consciousness, it’s like this slow, steady feeling – it’s not like you’re suddenly knocked out, but there’s like this comfy feeling. I’m probably not explaining it correctly, but I liked going to sleep for the surgery. Although since I woke up in a separate room, I did wonder how I got there…

    Anyway, I can’t remember which of your tooth personalities mine was…I thought the Slacker was just so cute, and the Clinger? OMG, choked on the water I was drinking. Am drinking. Now I know to avoid liquids when checking out your blog.

    Can’t wait for your next masterpiece!

    • http://superchlorine.com/ cL

      Haha! Maybe if my surgeon has an internet connection in the operating room, I’ll show it to him so he’ll relax and have a good laugh before the extraction!

      Yeah, probably not earlier. ): I will try to beg them to schedule it like, this week, or something, but I doubt they’ll pity me and do as I ask.

      I’m kind of scared of full anesthesia though! I know someone who got all four wisdom teeth pulled out at once, who had the procedure done while unconscious. Her dentist/surgeon split the sides of her mouth because apparently her mouth wasn’t “big enough” for him to get at all the teeth. (Her mouth looked plenty big enough though. It was a normal size.) And so she now she has two scars, one at each side of her mouth, kind of like an extended smile. It looks weird, and I’m scared that’ll happen if I’m under full anesthesia (even though it’s unlikely that’ll happen).

      I am honoured that my blog is a place where you must withold liquids from. ^^

      • Scott

        You know the Joker?! :-O

  • http://drjeffgardner.com/mount-pleasant-dental-services.html Vernell Leider

    Your cartoon portrayal of different wisdom teeth extraction is humorous but informative. Most people are visual learners, and if these images are shown to their patients, dentists won’t have a hard time explaining to them what’s going on with their wisdom teeth and gums. That would take away some of the anxiety associated with dental treatments. =)

  • wisdom tooth

    wisdom teeth removal I think this is the best blog I have been through all this day.

  • Mike R

    Please do another set on caries progression and one on treatment options. Then find a way to produce and sell them all. These would be incredibly useful for patient education. Dental Student (soon to be dentist) here who would be a happy customer.

    • http://superchlorine.com/ cL

      I’m glad you liked this one so much! I’ll consider making more of these dental-related infographics in the near future. I hesitate only because I have never studied dentistry, so I spend a lot more time doing fact-checking!

  • http://twitter.com/ylapamfilo yla pamfilo

    soo cute I love how you illustrated them I just had my wisdom tooth extraction today. :)

  • Scott

    I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth at age 35…should I be getting them removed anyway?
    I haven’t seem a dentist in 17 years (when they all had just erupted), and I wasn’t told anything regarding the need to be removed…
    I’ve never had any pain or issues with my teeth, though I think one of my wisdom teeth, upper left side, may have broken apart (though I still have no pain and there was no apparent cause for the one tooth to break apart)…
    Just curious…

  • dentalcanucklehead

    1. you should definitely go see a dentist and get an x-ray (panorama)
    2. ask your dentist about getting your wisdom teeth removed, while they may not cause any pain now, they may later on

  • I’m gonna die via tooth

    I feel the tip of one coming in now, I think it’s a clinger. Noooooo!!

  • KJ

    I’ve got the clutz. Its hurting my gum and trying to push up. It also hurts sometimes when I chew on it.

  • invader

    What about the not fully formed ones that have not been removed? I had mien taken out before roots ever formed.

  • Cihat Dönmez Özkan

    haha i love these cartoon XD makes me happy even its pain full

    Stupid Wisdom teeth, blocking the way

  • Nadd

    Thank you for making me laugh when my wisdom toot pain making me gloomy :D. My boyfriend is so lucky because his wisdon tooth growing perfectly without any pain at all

  • Minnie Casauran Dmd

    Can i post it in my dental clinic page?