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Original comic strips from yours truly, that range from one to an unspeakable number of frames. Sometimes I don’t even think they’re comics, because they are really odd one-off experiments.

Stanford’s free AI course

But how can you resist free stuff? But how can you resist free stuff? But how can you resist free stuff?


Stanford University is offering its CS221 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course online to anyone who wants to take it for FREE. Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig will be teaching the online version of the course along with the in-class version at Stanford. It seems as though lectures will be via YouTube videos, and assessments will come in the form of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. (I could be wrong about the assessment format, but it doesn’t seem likely they’d ask for short or long answer from online students who aren’t paying tuition fees. Teaching assistant wages aren’t that cheap.)

The class will run from October 10, 2011 to December 16, 2011, and once you finish it, you’ll get a letter from the professors telling you how you did. You won’t be handed a Stanford certificate, unless you’re actually enrolled as a student at Stanford.

Enrollment hasn’t started yet, but you can sign up to be notified about when the enrollment does start.

Even though I know I’ll be up to my eyes in actual course work this year, and I know that the comic above may be a very accurate prediction of my future if I do take the AI course… I’m still kind of interested in enrolling. It’s free. It’s from Stanford. It’s about Artificial Intelligence.

I wonder if this course has a drop date.

Indoor sunglasses

Comic to be imported! Come back another day.

Seriously though, wearing sunglasses indoors may well become one of those trends that never die out — you know, like wearing underwear — because it will become a necessity. Already, we are staring at awfully bright screens whenever we’re not asleep, and I bet it won’t take long for the microchip-afflicted population to become blind, stumbling individuals who are completely reliant on their sense of touch to get around by the age of 30.

But if we wear sunglasses while staring at screens, eye strain will be reduced, and consequently, we won’t need to run our hands along rough brick walls and dirty garbage cans in order to make our way to work! This isn’t as ridiculous as it seems. A quick Google search revealed that some people have already come up with “computer glasses”, which have an anti-reflective coating and tinted lenses that have a weak magnifying power. Even thinkgeek has their own awesome code monkey glasses, although at $80 a pop, I think I’ll just stick with my $10 sunglasses for now. Sure, it doesn’t magnify anything for me, but the tint has actually stopped the persistent and annoying twitch in my left eye earlier (a result of long hours tinkering with Blogger code and drawing in Inkscape).

So, before you start your day by basking in the glow of your [ smart phone / tablet / laptop / other new gadget that has come out between the time I started this post and now ], stop, and don your sunglasses. Perhaps strangers will give you an odd look for now, but you’ll have the last laugh when you’re the one who still has good eyesight.

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