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Things that get me thinking/designing/doing anything but rotting away.

NSFW motivation for designers

Design work getting you down? Refresh Good F***ing Design Advice for some inspirational words, or grab some of their minimalistic wallpapers so that you’re reminded to do awesome things as soon as you boot up your computer. The f-word comes with every inspirational boost, so this site probably isn’t appropriate for kids.

Pressing wrong buttons in Illustrator

Yes I have been working on stuff. No I have not posted anything, because I have been working with Illustrator for the past while, and my hands are accustomed to the ways of Inkscape. So every time I press Ctrl +, Illustrator scrolls instead of magnifying my canvas. Repeat for all other combinations. Result: Me needing to take a break very often.

Admittedly, there are very cool features in Illustrator; it’s just that it’s going to take a while to learn to use them.

Goal this…semester: Draw comics instead. Drawing digitally takes too much time (as I realized last semester), since I draw like the Oatmeal:

…but I can’t devote as much time to my site, nor do I draw as well as he does.

I wonder when I’ll actually finish what I’m working on in Illustrator…

TEDx: If h is a chair

I remember the days when I saw faces and things everywhere too. I disliked my curtains as a kid; while they were prettily patterned with flowers during the day, they became the carrier of horrid, disfigured faces at night. I tried my best to not see the faces, often to no avail.

Today, it seems that I don’t see things enough. Things are processed as they are. It has been a long time since I’ve often looked at the world like Andrew Byrom here does. The world is a mash-up of typefaces to him, and it is clear that he thoroughly enjoys picking out certain samples and making unique typographical creations of his own. A web of ideas and creations can start from just one chair.

This year, I don’t want to just see the first thing my brain tells me. Perhaps flowers that turn into Halloween masks are not what I’d preferably spend restless nights looking at, but the kind of mindset that allows those visions is what I want to try to adopt this year. See more in places I’ve already thought I’m too familiar with. Think a bit more like Andrew Byrom.