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Headache-free course scheduling with the UofT Timetable Generator

Get the UofT Timetable Generator for free on Google Play!

While many things at the University of Toronto are wonderful, the process students have to endure to piece together a course timetable each year is far from enjoyable. I’ve hinted at this before, and the issue is that it’s a headache to pick all the courses you want and fit them into a schedule that…

  1. has no time conflicts;
  2. ensures that you don’t have eight hours of back-to-back classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and no classes for the rest of the week; and
  3. ensures that you don’t have a class that ends at 10 pm and a class that starts at 9 am the very next morning (because I have to commute at least an hour each way and I need to sleep, dammit).

My friends and I are making this timetable-construction process go down a bit smoother with the UofT Timetable Generator, an Android app we developed this summer. It may not be ingeniously named, but the UofT Timetable Generator resolves the first two problems and does it quickly and efficiently. All you have to do is type in the courses you want, hit “Generate”, and you get your optimal timetable without developing a headache along the way!

The UofT Timetable Generator also offers the following options to better tailor your schedule to your needs:

  • Morning: Prefer morning courses when possible
  • Evening: Prefer evening courses when possible
  • Spread: Distribute courses as evenly as possible throughout the week
  • Packed: Pack courses into the fewest days possible

The UofT Timetable Generator is free to download and use, and is available at the Google Play store. The app only supports St. George campus’ Faculty of Arts & Science courses at the moment, but we do intend to expand support to all campuses and faculties at the University of Toronto in the future. Regardless, we invite you to check out our app! We’re eager to get some feedback to figure out what next steps we should take with our app.

For more UofT Timetable Generator-related things, check out the app’s website! We have a few goodies there, like an explanation of our timetable generation algorithm, which we built from scratch, and links to Android resources that we found to be very helpful.

Stanford’s free AI course

But how can you resist free stuff? But how can you resist free stuff? But how can you resist free stuff?


Stanford University is offering its CS221 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI) course online to anyone who wants to take it for FREE. Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig will be teaching the online version of the course along with the in-class version at Stanford. It seems as though lectures will be via YouTube videos, and assessments will come in the form of multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. (I could be wrong about the assessment format, but it doesn’t seem likely they’d ask for short or long answer from online students who aren’t paying tuition fees. Teaching assistant wages aren’t that cheap.)

The class will run from October 10, 2011 to December 16, 2011, and once you finish it, you’ll get a letter from the professors telling you how you did. You won’t be handed a Stanford certificate, unless you’re actually enrolled as a student at Stanford.

Enrollment hasn’t started yet, but you can sign up to be notified about when the enrollment does start.

Even though I know I’ll be up to my eyes in actual course work this year, and I know that the comic above may be a very accurate prediction of my future if I do take the AI course… I’m still kind of interested in enrolling. It’s free. It’s from Stanford. It’s about Artificial Intelligence.

I wonder if this course has a drop date.