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Smooth lines in transparent GIFs

Since I have had little experience until now in working with animated GIFs, I was horrified when I discovered that the “transparent” areas of my GIFs had terrible pixelated edges when placed over a background image. Now, I needed to use GIFs instead of PNGs because I needed the animation, and I also needed a background image instead of a solid background colour. So I started hunting on Google for a solution.

Initial searches for a solution were fruitless: Most people recommended having a solid background colour for GIFs. After rooting around a few more sites, I was beginning to wonder whether I should just add back those semi-transparent pixels from the PNG file that were lost…manually. As in, whipping out the hard-edged pencil tool and dotting in the gray dots along the image.

Thankfully, I was rescued from pixel torture by the marvels of Semi-Flattening.

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