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Pressing wrong buttons in Illustrator

Yes I have been working on stuff. No I have not posted anything, because I have been working with Illustrator for the past while, and my hands are accustomed to the ways of Inkscape. So every time I press Ctrl +, Illustrator scrolls instead of magnifying my canvas. Repeat for all other combinations. Result: Me needing to take a break very often.

Admittedly, there are very cool features in Illustrator; it’s just that it’s going to take a while to learn to use them.

Goal this…semester: Draw comics instead. Drawing digitally takes too much time (as I realized last semester), since I draw like the Oatmeal:

…but I can’t devote as much time to my site, nor do I draw as well as he does.

I wonder when I’ll actually finish what I’m working on in Illustrator…