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Online YUI Compressor

The Online YUI Compressor is a fantastic little tool that compresses your CSS and JavaScript files for you. It strips all comments and extraneous whitespace and, if you’d like, it can also obfuscate your JavaScript by renaming your variables where possible to short space-saving single-character names. My files tends to shrink by 50% after running them through the compressor, which saves me a lot of bandwidth in the long run!

The YUI Compressor is an open-source project developed by Yahoo!, so feel free to also download YUI Compressor from GitHub and run it on your local machine.

NSFW motivation for designers

Design work getting you down? Refresh Good F***ing Design Advice for some inspirational words, or grab some of their minimalistic wallpapers so that you’re reminded to do awesome things as soon as you boot up your computer. The f-word comes with every inspirational boost, so this site probably isn’t appropriate for kids.

No HTTP for Chrome?

Something that Google has been keeping quiet: If you use Google services in Chrome, you’re probably not getting your pages via HTTP. You’re getting your pages via SPDY (SPeeDY), a new protocol that Google has been cooking up. Reportedly, SPDY can transfer pages from the server to your browser up to twice as fast as HTTP.

Check out Ilya Grigorik’s write-up for more about SPDY.