If packaging were Tetris-inspired

By Caroline Liu

Some worlds were never meant to be combined

First, if you’re confused, read about Tetris. Next, watch some T-spins here (first T-spin at 0:17). Basically, you create a hole where you can put a T-piece in, but you can only slide the piece into the hole in a different position. You rotate the piece at the last second to get it to fit.

…Okay, so you may have guessed that I recently have been playing Tetris. And also doing a fair bit of grocery shopping. If those two worlds actually combined (and manifested in the way I’ve depicted it), it would probably…cause world hunger. Because who can afford all that extra food every time you go to buy a $3 bar of chocolate?

By the way, teaspin™ was just being restocked. Here, you can buy this one:

ONLY $999.99! WHAT A BARGAIN! (plz dont round up 1000 is unaffordable)

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