Draft mode: Where posts go to die

By Caroline Liu

I have a lot of drafts. Most of them will never see the light of day. If I write a post and save it as a draft, I’ve basically condemned it to death. It will not make it out alive, because when I come back to review it the next day, week, or month, I will already have become a different person from the original author. When I read the post again, it will no longer resonate with me.

I will try editing it, of course. That’s the point of writing a draft in the first place. Sometimes, editing actually does makes it feel right, and those are rare, magical moments when I actually publish something on this blog. But more frequently, the post will start to sound… off. Inconsistent. In the process of editing, I have refined the original writing, but I have also introduced new ideas, whether directly into the post or into my head. “Is that a better direction to go in? I should try it out…”

It becomes a death by a thousand edits. The post goes from Actually a Reasonable Piece to A Collection of Vaguely-Related Sentences That Sound Not-Terrible. Somehow, I have thought of so many other potential directions to take the post while editing, that the post itself has developed indecision. It has become a reflection of myself and my inability to quickly decide what to order at a restaurant. At that point, I slowly back away from the draft... and start a new draft for a totally different idea. “Maybe this one will be better!” I tell myself.

I am unfailingly optimistic.

The life cycle of the draft repeats.

(But this one made it ❤️)

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