Another beginning

By Caroline Liu

Update (Aug 2013): This was posted on my previous blog, cloudscape;. All of it was moved over to superchlorine in the end, so technically, cloudscape; did survive! It just got renamed and redesigned along the way. 😃

I’m no stranger to blogging, but somehow, my blogs have fallen wayside over the years for one reason or another. With the creation of cloudscape;, I decided it was a good time to start a new blog as well. How to make this one survive? Perhaps I’ll use it to document interesting things I find throughout the 'Nets, instead of writing about random things in my life. My life is interesting, but not to the point where it captivates readers. Also, I’m hoping the fact that I can totally customize the layout of a Blogger blog will keep me posting. (Sorry WordPress; I love you, but I love design and pretty pixels more.)

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