cloudscape; is officially open for business

By Caroline Liu

Update (Aug 2013): This was posted on my previous blog, cloudscape;. superchlorine has pretty much the same goals as cloudscape;, only with a different name!

Cloudy with a chance of comics, code, and complicated conjectures.

With most layout quirks sorted out, I now officially declare cloudscape; open for business. Or blogging, rather.

During the days I worked on the design, graphics, and code for this blog, I constantly pondered what I should blog about here. A personal blog would not work well; I’ve realized that I just don’t have that many issues to present to the online community. Besides, who wants to read about what I did today, or who grated on my nerves?

In fact, sometimes it seems that no one wants to read anymore. I certainly have noticed my attention span for text decrease over the years as the availability of cheap bandwidth has increased.

Thus, my aim for cloudscape; is to use visuals (comics or graphs) to discuss topics whenever possible.

Now, it’s time to do what I promise, and break out those dusty half-full sketchbooks again.

Welcome to cloudscape;

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