Experimenting with CSS-only menus

By Caroline Liu

After a while, I realized that c; was missing a fundamental feature of a blog: a Tag list. It had totally evaded my mind since it was not included in the default Blogger Classic Layouts. So now, I had a huge problem: With the graphical footer already completed, where could I stick an additional Tag list?

Instead of trying to cram another list into the footer, I’m choosing to go for a fixed pop-out menu on the side. Since it would be too disorganized to have a Tag list in the sidebar and an Archive in the footer, I will be consolidating all of it in the sidebar. What will become of the footer, I’m not entirely sure yet, but I’ll get to that once the sidebar is finalized.

What’s going to be special about the sidebar is that it will use only CSS, and no scripting whatsoever. Since my tags and archives will only be accessible from this sidebar, I want to ensure that even my readers with Javascript disabled will still be able to use the sidebar. (Additionally, a script-less menu in my eyes is also more elegant.)

More on this experiment later.

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