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Getting svn to ignore files and directories

Who knew it would be so hard to get svn to ignore some files and directories?

I’m working on an Android project, and I wanted svn to stop looking at me questioningly regarding files and directories that were automatically generated every time I built my source code. Basically, I needed svn to completely ignore the following:

  • bin/ and gen/: directories with generated code
  • proguard/: directory generated by my editor, Eclipse
  • .classpath and .project: Eclipse project files
  • local.properties: local config file
  • Thumbs.db: annoying Windows thumbnail database files that are EVERYWHERE
  • All built Android files, which have the extension .apk or .ap_
  • All Java class files, which have the extension .class

I didn’t think it would too difficult to get svn to ignore some files for me, but it turns out that svn really likes to pay attention to my files. Hours passed before I finally got svn to relax and ignore what I wanted it to. Below the cut, I share my newfound wisdom with you.

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